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Poker Analyzer 1.42

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Poker Analyzer is a universal tool for quick and accurate analysis of poker situations. Working with the program is easy. You choose the game, number of players, player cards and the flop - Poker Analyzer define the relative number of pots wined by each player, assumed that there is no more betting.

You should perceive those evaluations just as basic information. To take a decision in a real game, you should take into account the betting rules, abilities of your opponents, pot size, player's stack size and so on.

Supported games:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Low
  • 7 card stud
  • 7 card stud Hi/Low
  • 5 card stud
  • Holdem Hi/Low
  • Omaha 5-card
  • Omaha 5-card Hi/Low
  • Holdem 3-card

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Poker Analyzer


Poker Analyzer 1.42

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